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Membership Plans At Open Insurance your Personal Insurance Advisor

As a member of Open insurance, you can make sure that you have a healthy credit score, and you will be able to pay your Bond, Car or any other instalments in the event that you get retrenched.

Option 1 : R217.14 p/m

  • Gives you R5 000 p/m for a period of three months.
  • Includes R15 000 Funeral Cover.

Option 2 : R271.48 p/m

  • Gives you R8 000 p/m for a period of three months.
  • Includes R24 000 Funeral Cover.

Option 3 : R307.70 p/m

  • Gives you R5 000 p/m for a period of six months.
  • Includes R30 000 Funeral Cover.

Memberships include

  • Access to the exclusive Homeowner Education and Legal Assistance Program.

*Premiums exclusive of VAT*

Why People Choose Us?

We are honest

We’ll never hide behind fine print. All our memberships and agreements are straightforward and written in plain English. Should the worst happen, we pay out promptly and reliably.

We create delight

Peace of mind is a wonderful feeling, like coming home. Our Personal Insurance Advisor celebrates that shift from vulnerability to security.

Our products are intelligent and flexible

One size fits all’ fits no one. All our memberships are personal and bespoke – with our Property Legal Assistance you decide on the exact amount of cover that you need.

Who We Are?

We are the first in South Africa to offer home owner assistance with credit life and funeral benefits. Through smart innovation we’re proving that simple, honest and powerful financial solutions are possible.

Why work with us

When you purchase a membership, you take responsibility for yourself and your family, choose certainty over the unknown.

Brand Claims & Proof Points

We respect your intelligence. No one’s better qualified to decide how much cover you need, or how to use your own money.

We protect you against uncertainty

Instalment protection plan shields you from the potential impact of retrenchment and redundancy.

Our products are simple and powerful

We offer the benefits that you need, none of the stuff that you don’t. We’ll never manipulate you with promises of eventual pay-outs, complex loyalty schemes, or long lists of ‘benefits’ that you don’t need.

We give you back control

Unlike other instalment protection plans, we pay out directly to your chosen bank account, giving you full control of your finances when you need it the most.

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We keep our promises, and if the worst happens we pay-out quickly.

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