Open Insurance

We’ve created a financial solution that makes sense, leaving you with peace of mind, clarity and the satisfaction of knowing you made a really good call.

What you should know about us

We’ve put a lot of thought into the way we do things – from forms and financial tools to procedures and pay-outs.

We’re starting fresh, developing exciting products and intelligent new ways to get things done. Technology’s opened up great new ways to do business, and we’re all over it

Open insurance is a team of pioneers and explorers. We respect and support our clients by always looking towards new opportunities and ways to improve processes, add value to our existing products and develop new ones.
Luke Dalton MeyerCEO, Open Insurance

Our Mission

We’re intelligent, responsive and powerful. We use technology to enable our ambitions, for the betterment of everyone. We believe people deserve respect and dignity. It’s in our power to give peace of mind to those who are vulnerable and afraid, and our duty to help them insulate themselves from risk.

We’re honest

In every interaction with you – via phone, website or in person – we strive to deliver genuine human goodness.
Should the worst happen, we pay out promptly and reliably

We create delight

We believe we can change your relationship with money, freeing you from fear and vulnerability, and helping you to embrace the potential that it brings.

We give you back control

Unlike other instalment protection plans, we pay out directly to your chosen bank account, giving you full control of your finances when you need it the most.